Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Curtains Around the Bin for the Win - Conduit and Curtains

This post is all about re-purposing and rethinking to complete the project and remodel goals you have for less money and more style!

Recently, Workshop Tools completed some aesthetic updates to their retail locations bringing a sense of warmth and style, fitting to its atmosphere, to their displays. Keep in mind this project was applied to retail displays, but the concept translates into so many other spaces for both the home and workplace! It is a project based on re-purposed, industrial, and price conscious details which is the foundation of what we want to offer every customer!

Workshop Tools has displays in all locations showcasing a large selection of high-quality bits and other drill attachments along with a huge selection of router bits! The bin looks very nice on top, but the back-stock is all stored below. Curtains were sewn and installed on these wood display bins to cover the back-stock and storage underneath. The bins were up to 12’ in length. These measurements present a challenge when pricing rods and other hardware. We found a way around the cost and each issue was tackled with style and cost efficiency.

Fabric Preparation

  • Clean all fabric in cold water and dry prior to cutting or sewing anything
  • Iron
  • Measure panels and cut remembering to measure the panels to the projects needs while adding the measurement needed for the seams
  • Measure, iron, and pin seams prior to sewing
  • The key to all the prep is to ensure when you wash the curtains sometime in the future after the initial installation they were pre-shrunk allowing for them to clean and hang again with the desired fit and appearance

Fabric and Sewing

We chose shirting fabric in flannel red and black. It was the fabric in the style and pattern we wanted that offered the most durability. They will be moved often and need to last through the constant use. A warm pattern that complements our store concept hid the storage and tied in our existing color themes.

  • Key points to remember when sewing curtains is to measure the top seams of the curtain to fit your rods and measure the lower seams with a width at least two inches more than the top. Honestly, I would go as far as doubling the measurement for the bottom seam in relation to the top, at the very least… The entire purpose of this is to add weight to your curtains base which helps to keep them smooth and neat. They will maintain a “just ironed” look more easily this way with little effort! I am not a fan of ironing so bring on the wider seam at the base!!

  • Top seam for our curtain was 3”
  • The base measurements varied from 5” to 6” depending on the bin and scenario.
  • Seams on the sides of the curtains were just an inch to secure all lose ends and avoid fraying
  • We chose to make 4-6 panels (depending on the bins length) for each side of the displays to allow for less sliding back and forth of the curtain, easier access to back stock, creating less wear and tear in general.

3” measurement

3” top seam and pin

1” side seam

Curtain Rods and Installation

  • Rods for the length we needed were hard to find and a higher price than the goal for the project, so we researched other options and decided on metal conduit. This product was available in the lengths we needed for less than $5.00 a rod! We chose ¾ “ as a minimum width because it was the thinnest option that did not show signs of sagging when installed at full length.
  • If we had chosen a traditional curtain rod at the same length the cost was at least $80.00 for something durable! Plus, this look really suites our store.
  • Hardware to keep the rods up was another thing to consider as well. One of our managers and long-time valued members of the WST team, Steve, figured out the solution! He simply cut wooden blocks to fit the install spaces we were working with and drilled holes to allow the rods to set in either side. Cost for hardware…….. $0.00! We just used what we had on hand. 😊

Bin prior to curtain installation

During installation one side of the finished product!! One of the owners, Will Swann, and a member of our valued staff, Nathan, working to install all the new curtains.

Again, one of the main keys to this project is the versatility of application! Consider the other items you know about or may see while perusing the isles of your favorite local tool store 😊. You could apply the same concepts from this specific project to curtains, room dividers in a small apartment, dressing rooms, closets, children’s playhouses, and so much more. You can find so many options to substitute the traditional items marketed for their purpose at high prices. Another important value to this approach is in using common fabrics, textures, and decorative elements you effectively create a cohesive theme. Your home or store will gain a sense of flow from one space to another and in our case a look that we hope you warmly recognize with each visit to our retail locations.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave your thoughts below! Also, feel free to note some other DIY topics you may like to see with future postings, and we will do our best to make it happen!

Posting Originally Written For Workshop Tools INC and link to the direct site and their products is below! Enjoyed being a blog featured on their site and enjoy shopping in their stores! :) 

Happy DIY!!!! 
Momma Mia :) 

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