Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Handmade Christmas ! Enjoying the Holidays & Keeping A Budget :)

   If you have a lot of people to buy for this Christmas or even if you only have a few special people in mind, but either way you are trying to maintain a budget for the holidays then I have the list for you. :) I have compiled a list of my favorites and the list of things that I'm doing this holiday to cut down on cost, but really increase the meaning of the gift you're giving to your family and friends.

   A big focus of mine is handmade! Now this scares some, but don't let it! There is a wide range of handmade gift ideas and absolutely everyone can find something special to them to make from the heart! 

 1) Handmade Art by Your Kids :)

  Your sweet little ones can create gifts for the holiday that mean the world when received! Visit your local Hobby Lobby and pick up some of their canvas for handprints and footprints or a beautiful piece of art painted by your kids! This will absolutely be a hit and you won't ever get another like it! 

2) Gifts Fresh from Your Kitchen

   Go to the kitchen and pull out your favorite recipe! What is a signature dessert you love to make or a favorite hot chocolate with your special flare added to it that everyone just loves?! Now think mini version! :) Make your favorite pie, but in a cupcake pan for bite size gifts to fill small Christmas trays with or a batch of cookies would be perfect too. Back to the hot chocolate you could make one of those adorable ingredients layered ready to mix up mason jar gifts as well!!! Just get creative and pick your recipes and treats according to ingredients and pricing as well. There is no harm in picking the best dessert at the least expense. Everyone loves a warming, homemade treat and it will be a hit no matter what! 

3) Handmade Crafts by You

   Something I personally love to do is crafts. I am making a lot of crocheted things for the people this year. This is something that relaxes me and majority of the people I know love to receive these types of things. Pick patterns and projects suitable to their tastes too. I am making blankets, scarves, hats, head bands, and little cell phone purses. You can crochet all of these and at a very reasonable price especially if you watch your sales at your local craft store such as Hobby Lobby. They run sales for sections of their store every single week and they also offer a 40% off coupon for one regular priced item per customer. Also note weeks before Christmas even comes close to arriving Hobby Lobby and many other local craft locations are already marking down the Christmas everything substantially so this would be a great time to grab those last minute yarns and scrapbook papers with a holiday theme!!!! 

4) Now for the Festive Wrapping! 

   Now to "wrap" ;) this all up think about the wrapping paper that you are using. That festive pre-finished paper can be so expensive and for barely any paper! Some wonderful warm, personal alternatives can be butchers paper or some basic white paper that you can buy from anywhere for a multitude of purposes. The cost will not be nearly what it would be for some pre-packaged holiday wrapping paper because it's not geared towards the current high demand. Grab a silver or gold marker and write your Christmas note right on the paper. Get some solid white paper draw some pretty designs on it or make a little ornament and attach it to the top as a decorative edition. Examples of ornaments are in my prior blog post about handmade ornaments . I have also included some other ideas below. Simple little wooden ornaments you can create by just finding a tree limb in your yard or grabbing a dowling rod that you can get from your local hardware store and cut in slices. You want the width to be substantial enough to make a nice circular ornament so a few inches wide is ideal. Use a little wood burning tool kit or paint (whatever you prefer) on these and add some sweet sayings, a Bible verse , names and a date, or note the celebration of a first Christmas for a couple just married or in their first home. Highlight a precious baby's first Christmas or a gift for expectant parents and it will mean so much, but at a portion of the cost. 

   I hope that you enjoyed this and are inspired to out your own personal touches on Christmas this year!!! I appreciate each and every person that stops by and reads my page. 

Merry Christmas!!!! 
~~ Momma Mia :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

DIY Pipe Projects for Home Accents

   Take a look at this wonderful link with awesome ideas using pipe you can pick up from your local hardware store. Cost efficient, great look, and easy DIY!! Had to share this! 

To view full original article visit:

Thanks so much for stopping in!!! 
~~ Momma Mia :) 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gods Little Blessings

   There have been a lot of changes in my surrounding friends and family's lives lately and through it all both happy and sad prayer is the thing that is the foundation!  

   There are prayers of need and sadness for lost mommy's with little ones, husbands, parents, siblings, and friends left here to pick up pieces and really connect them in a totally different way... For lost baby's before a mom could ever see them open their eyes, for family and friends and sudden tragedys. 

   There are also prayers of thankfulness for blessings of all kinds: safe travels, new baby's, clean bills of health, new milestones in life, close relationships with Christ no matter if newly found or just stronger than ever.

  This may seem confusing to some, but based on some of the things we have experienced lately I am at this second to the point of tears just from feeling overwhelmingly blessed, grateful, honored that my son can call for me and find me. That he can say Mommy and not have to keep looking with no knowledge his mommy went to Heaven and will no longer be able to love and care for him on this earth. I pray for a long and healthy life in which I can pester and harrass my family to the very last because though I know I'm going to Heaven and I'm blessed to have that opportunity I also love my little piece of Heaven God has granted me on this earth. 

   Prayer is the very first and yet also the final place your heart and lips go to cry and to rejoice! He is our beginning and end and He is our full unending support on earth. I just feel incredibly blessed and am reminded daily even more so really by the minute at some times how very blessed I am to have His love and through His love to have an amazing and faithful family and close knit group of friends to move through life with.

Dear Lord,
   Thank you for your gifts of love unchanging and for my beautiful blessing of a family and extended family through friends. Please always allow me to work more every day to shine and honor you! Please let me work to never take for granted my blessings on this earth and in Heaven. Amen 

   Thank you as always for stopping by and taking the time to share in my posts, thoughts, life, mommy moments, and projects. 
~~ Love Momma Mia