Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gods Little Blessings

   There have been a lot of changes in my surrounding friends and family's lives lately and through it all both happy and sad prayer is the thing that is the foundation!  

   There are prayers of need and sadness for lost mommy's with little ones, husbands, parents, siblings, and friends left here to pick up pieces and really connect them in a totally different way... For lost baby's before a mom could ever see them open their eyes, for family and friends and sudden tragedys. 

   There are also prayers of thankfulness for blessings of all kinds: safe travels, new baby's, clean bills of health, new milestones in life, close relationships with Christ no matter if newly found or just stronger than ever.

  This may seem confusing to some, but based on some of the things we have experienced lately I am at this second to the point of tears just from feeling overwhelmingly blessed, grateful, honored that my son can call for me and find me. That he can say Mommy and not have to keep looking with no knowledge his mommy went to Heaven and will no longer be able to love and care for him on this earth. I pray for a long and healthy life in which I can pester and harrass my family to the very last because though I know I'm going to Heaven and I'm blessed to have that opportunity I also love my little piece of Heaven God has granted me on this earth. 

   Prayer is the very first and yet also the final place your heart and lips go to cry and to rejoice! He is our beginning and end and He is our full unending support on earth. I just feel incredibly blessed and am reminded daily even more so really by the minute at some times how very blessed I am to have His love and through His love to have an amazing and faithful family and close knit group of friends to move through life with.

Dear Lord,
   Thank you for your gifts of love unchanging and for my beautiful blessing of a family and extended family through friends. Please always allow me to work more every day to shine and honor you! Please let me work to never take for granted my blessings on this earth and in Heaven. Amen 

   Thank you as always for stopping by and taking the time to share in my posts, thoughts, life, mommy moments, and projects. 
~~ Love Momma Mia

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