Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Handmade Christmas Decorations ~ Family Fun & Special Ornaments DIY

   I love to decorate for the holidays and I love the special memories this time of year brings!! Leading from this I think THE SINGLE MOST perfect memories and decorating combination is handmade decorations with your children, family, and friends! Absolutely nothing beats the value of those to me! Give me an ornament that is store bought in comparison to an ornament my little boy made for me and the one that will light up my day is the one he hands me with his beautiful art work and a huge, proud smile!!!

   Below I have shown several pictures of ornaments we have made at home this holiday season. 

** Below is the way my sister arranged her special handmade Christmas decorations and I just loved and had to share! She made the little snowmen clothespin son the tree and the terra cotta pot snowmen sitting on the end table as well. 

1) Children's Handprint Ornament
   Below is a blank porcelain ornament where the kids painted their sweet little hands and placed their handprints one on top of the other. I just love, love this!!! Immediately made it and every member wanted one! Be sure and let the prints thoroughly dry then spray a sealant for safe keeping :)

2) Terra Cotta Snowman Ornaments 

   These are precious and were simple to make. Well, I say that, but it takes a tiny bit of sewing and prep before it just falls together and my wonderful mom did the prep on these precious pieces. We made this as our Thanksgiving Day craft for all of my sisters and the little ones to do together. 
   First just simply paint your terra cotta white then for the scarf base we just got glued ribbon on. The face is hand painted and little Pom Poms are the ear muffs! :) Feed a couple of bells larger than the hole in the base of the terra cotta pot onto a string and then feed the string through the hole. Knot it off and this is your bell sound and ornament hanging string :) 

3) DIY Clothespin Snowmen
   Just get clothespins from any craft store and paint them white. The scarfs are pipe cleaners twisted and secured in one little spot with hot glue. The hats are the wooden sewing string spools painted black and then to widen the base of the hat more we cut some black felt in a larger circle and just got glued to base of the black wooden spool. Tada! :) So cute!!!  

4) Reindeer Ornaments from Wine Corks 
   These are assembled with hot glue, twigs from our dogwood tree :), and a little screwed on loop to hold string on top so it can be hung as an ornament. I like to crochet so I also just did a simple double crocheted scarf for each to the width and length that was proportional to their size. 
This is mine below. 

Then the one I made for my husband. 
Then the one I made for our son :) who is two and a half. I tried to pick smaller wine corks and tinier details for his. I also painted the tips of the antlers blue like little lights because he liked ;) 

   I hope you enjoyed these handmade ornaments and let me know how's yours turn out as well!!!! If love to hear ideas and requests too for other posts! 

~~ Merry Christmas from Momma Mia and my Family!!

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