Sunday, May 17, 2015

DIY Table Layout! Handmade Place Settings

So my latest project was a simple, no sewing involved, project for my sisters new house! All you need for this project is the fabrics of your choice, a glue gun, a ruler, and scissors.
    She loves natural yet delicate combinations for her decorations and really favors burlap and lace detailing. She just refinished her kitchen table with white paint and wood accents so this was a perfect gift for her.

      Below you can see I just purchased my burlap and cut in length and width I desired. Be sure and place your utensils set or one of similar size into the pockets prior to cutting them and gluing to ensure the place settings are oversized by a little. This allows utensils to fit without hassle and gives a little flexibility if another set is purchased. I would always make sure they are made a little larger rather than smaller just to be safe. As a side note, I purchased a large section of burlap rather then pre cut rolls of burlap because it was much less expensive and it gave me flexibility to really choose the width I wanted without limitation. I made a set of eight for her. 

      I ran a small strip of hot glue on the inside edge I was folding up and over to create my pocket as shown below and then ran a thin strip of glue around entire parameter of the back of the place setting to stop any edges from shredding and shedding those little strings on the burlap. If you don't do this they really will shred quickly. I was having a difficult time just avoiding losing more fabric than I wanted to while I was cutting and placing everything like I wanted it. 

   After my pockets where glued I cut my lace in strips and just used hot glue sparingly and carefully to secure the pieces of lace down into the pocket so the ends were hidden. I also used a touch of hot glue around the back of the place setting so that the edges were all secure and concealed from the front view of the place setting when in use as well. 

   The finished product is below!!! I hope this inspired you to create your own special touch at your kitchen table with burlap place settings or any fabric that fits to your style and preference! This was a fun, no hassle project and I plan to make a set for myself as well!!! Thanks for reading and give me your thoughts on this project! Also, please feel free to share your special kitchen table project ideas with us!! 

~~Momma Mia~~