Saturday, October 31, 2015

Lamp Shade Redo ~ Mini Blog Post :)

   So this post I labeled a MINI blog post :) mostly because well first of all I should have gotten more pictures along the way and saved a little more detail to share..... I wasn't thinking about blogging this little project when I did it..... The thought came after from my sister so I'm sharing what I have. Mostly the mini thing refers to the fact it was a super short and sweet DIY project. :) 
   So I had a lamp that I love, but the shade had seen better days. Finally a week or maybe a month ago :) (since the addition of our second sweet baby my concept of time is off more than usual even) the lamp shade was so badly in need of love I just retired it into the trash can, but not before saving the metal framing for a possible project later :). Soooo I had been looking at some of my favorite spots to shop for supplies and crafts, but I was finding nothing! The shades were either super expensive or just a paper form with lots of love needed. I ran across a lamp shade that was too long and lacked any character really, but it was a good width and I had my fingers crossed as to the cost. It was unmarked and all alone on a random shelf. Surprise for me because I get to the register and it was $8 on clearance! 
   I get home and decide I'll try it as is, but it was awful. You couldn't reach the switch at all once I put it on. So then I decided I would cut it down and just go from there. I took a small knife from my kitchen for this project. A crafters knife of any sort would have been more helpful, but this was the closest thing to me when I decided the lamp shade was going to change and work for me if I had anything to do with it! I sliced around the entire form to shorten the length and repeated a couple of times until the length looked really cute. Remember to slice away from you at all times. This specially was a project where the form slipped some while working with it so it made me a little paranoid while cutting  Then, I grabbed a small belt I never wear and thought I might use it as an accent detail around the base... I decided against this, but will use this concept again because I liked the look of a thin braided belt as an accent. I ended up choosing some pretty ribbon that complemented my bedroom colors and the lamp shade just in a simple easy solid color. It was a navy shade and now a simple white ribbon. To do the project I just carefully used hot glue because the lamp shade material and ribbon fabric were perfect for this simple choice to just hot glue. (I love my hot glue gun!)
   The lamp shade is now much better than before and only $8 for it! Simple fix. Maybe 30-40 minutes to just get the shade length to what I liked and add ribbon! 
   Basically, do not give up on a redo you have in your mind. Don't necessarily get your mind set on a certain path either. Look in clearance, look in odd places, grab what looks like it may not work yet has potential and the best things often come from these purchases!!! Pictures attached below of final lamp with new shade!!! :) I am happy and hope this offers some inspiration for a project on your shelf at home as well!! :) 

~~Momma Mia 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Family of Three Now a Family of Four! ;)

   Since my last post we have joyfully welcomed our second sweet little angel into the arms of our family. It's an overwhelming happiness and love that fills you beyond anything you can plan to expect. I'm sitting here right now watching them both as they nap with sweet peaceful little faces that light up my world! 
   You wonder all kinds of things as you find out you are expecting your second child... One of my main concerns (that was more of a pre-baby arrival concern) was a healthy pregnancy and safe arrival of our little guy. We have had some wonderful and special people around us go through some very tragic experiences. The weight of those experiences left a lot of fear in my heart and mind. I just wanted to be sure to do all I could to make baby healthy and myself healthy because my oldest needed me and our little one needed me to make sure I did my part to be healthy for him as well. I am beyond thankful God brought us both safely through. It was a healthy pregnancy with little issue except I throw up all 9 months with my boys! :) They are worth every bit of those minor issues though! The key in all of my worries is to trust and try to find calm in that we can only control we we can which are the daily choices of how we treat our body's while pregnant and if we are making every effort then let the worries and concerns go because those are harmful to you as well as the baby. Let go of your fears and let trust God has His arms around you. 
  One of my top concerns for after baby arrived was making sure my oldest felt included and still special along with making sure I loved on the second as well. I promised my oldest the entire pregnancy that if he was just patient I'd be back to normal soon and we could jump and play just like we always have. We also made sure to explain how much baby brother loved him and how he could hear him in my belly while I was pregnant even to encourage his feeling/knowing there was a special connection already between him and his brother. Since baby's arrival my oldest has had his moments of needing attention, but that's to be expected! However, he absolutely endlessly loves our littlest and just yesterday told his baby brother he was his best friend in the whole wide little world! So all is going extremely well on the new family member front!!!!! 
   My biggest thing to share and be thankful for is how I see our beautiful family growing and progressing. We are still adjusting to all of life's little changes since our newest addition, but we are ready and enjoying the ride! 
   I am just very thankful for all we have been blessed with and hoping to encourage others through our experiences. 

Lots of love from Momma Mia and family

Sunday, September 13, 2015

From One to Two Beautiful Blessings

 Tomorrow morning I leave for the hospital. Scheduled to be induced for the delivery of our second baby boy. I just wanted to share my thoughts before it all changes tomorrow and our family of three becomes four. 
   First thing is I'm scheduled to be induced because I tend to deliver quickly and my doctor is concerned I will deliver before arriving at the hospital. I'm not a fan of this idea either. I want our baby here safely and further down the list of importance ofcourse I really want an epidural! So there is the reason I am being induced this time. My prior pregnancy was due to preeclampsia just three weeks prior to my first little guys due date. 
   My little boy is so excited to meet his brother with moments mixed in of hesitancy and "That's my baby stuff so why am I going to have to share it again mom?" He has such a beautiful heart and disposition though that I know all the kinks will smooth and he will be amazing to this new little member of our family. I've been directed and informed by wonderful blessings around me who have gone through this transition. They have offered me ways to hopefully make my oldest know how special he is, how big of a helper he is to me, and how needed and loved he is by all of us including our new little one. Thankful for this advice and nervous for tomorrow's events to unfold. I'm just going to pray, kiss my little guy a million times, and focus on getting home and loving on our newly increased family!! 
   I thank God for my family and friends that surround us with love and support and before I fall asleep tonight I will pray a thankful and excited prayer for the blessings we are experiencing. 
   To my oldest blessing and heartbeat, "I love you my sweet oldest angel and eagerly anticipate introducing you to your little brother and our newest little blessing tomorrow!"
   Thankful for a healthy pregnancy and praying for a healthy and smooth delivery tomorrow. 

So much love and thankfulness is in my heart tonight
~~Momma Mia~~

Friday, August 28, 2015

Sharing a friends new creation :)

   This is just a post to share a friends recently published cookbook! It's filled with delicious desserts planned around being able to ship them to loved ones and also able to just be made for your loved ones nearby as well. I just had to share because I'm excited for her and wish her the best success following her passion to make wonderful things for her family's enjoyment in the midst of a very hectic professional life as a wonderful high risk OBGYN. Just love her and wanted to share her new project! 

Thanks for stopping in!
Lots of love,
Momma Mia :)

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baby Brother Soon to be Here !

Big brother ❤️

Little brother ❤️

   In just a couple of weeks our new little addition will be arriving and my sweet little three year old baby will be promoted to Big Brother! We all are so excited and as it comes closer my whole hope and focus is to make my little one feel a special part of it all and my new little one transition and thrive happily! 
   It's funny how your thoughts change from the first blessing to the second. The first only makes you worry about everything being perfect still but in a very different way! With my first I wanted the nursery perfect, the clothes ready, toys and accessories for every need in place, and me to do the best I could taking care and chugging water to nurse him successfully. My whole focus was on one little angel coming home healthy and happy. 
   Well, as a side note, we were ready with supplies and accessories, but I had to have an emergency delivery due to preeclampsia with that little man so things went a little differently than planned. I did not nest, but instead my lovely mom did for me! Specifically she emergency nested in forty eight hours and throughout the night after I was put in the hospital! She was a huge blessing and the reason things were organized when we arrived home. I kept thinking I had time and surprise I did not! :) 
   Back to the things different for me this pregnancy, I am nesting and possibly not even the natural nesting, but more of the panic nesting in case something crazy happens! :) We have most of what we need so it's just special purchases for our new baby and special things for his brother. Most importantly though, my mental planning is so different. I want so much to make sure my oldest feels a part of everything and knows how special he is to us all while bringing our new little one home! I want our new little one to get all of the attention he needs as well! It's iust strange how from one to two little ones the planning for me mentally seems more intense. I just want the love to be felt from us abundantly and in a special way for both little angels in our family. :) 
   Currently my son is so excited and just keeps asking when his brother will be done growing? "Is he still growing, growing mommy?" He asks me often. Hehugs and kisses and talks to my belly often and his little brother responds to him like no one else! It's precious and I'm so excited to see when he gets to welcome him home! 
   Praying for a safe delivery and arrival home with a healthy happy new little angel. I am thankful for the blessing of another sweet little gift in our lives and just hoping and praying to do my very best at every moment for our family! 
   I just had to share an update and hope to be posting more often soon! This year just seems to have been so crazy, but I'm thankful for the crazy it has been too!!! 

Baby necessities: Newborn fishing hat ❤️ and precious little super soft baby accessories! 

Thank you for stopping in and continuing to follow!
Lots of Love
Momma Mia

Sunday, May 17, 2015

DIY Table Layout! Handmade Place Settings

So my latest project was a simple, no sewing involved, project for my sisters new house! All you need for this project is the fabrics of your choice, a glue gun, a ruler, and scissors.
    She loves natural yet delicate combinations for her decorations and really favors burlap and lace detailing. She just refinished her kitchen table with white paint and wood accents so this was a perfect gift for her.

      Below you can see I just purchased my burlap and cut in length and width I desired. Be sure and place your utensils set or one of similar size into the pockets prior to cutting them and gluing to ensure the place settings are oversized by a little. This allows utensils to fit without hassle and gives a little flexibility if another set is purchased. I would always make sure they are made a little larger rather than smaller just to be safe. As a side note, I purchased a large section of burlap rather then pre cut rolls of burlap because it was much less expensive and it gave me flexibility to really choose the width I wanted without limitation. I made a set of eight for her. 

      I ran a small strip of hot glue on the inside edge I was folding up and over to create my pocket as shown below and then ran a thin strip of glue around entire parameter of the back of the place setting to stop any edges from shredding and shedding those little strings on the burlap. If you don't do this they really will shred quickly. I was having a difficult time just avoiding losing more fabric than I wanted to while I was cutting and placing everything like I wanted it. 

   After my pockets where glued I cut my lace in strips and just used hot glue sparingly and carefully to secure the pieces of lace down into the pocket so the ends were hidden. I also used a touch of hot glue around the back of the place setting so that the edges were all secure and concealed from the front view of the place setting when in use as well. 

   The finished product is below!!! I hope this inspired you to create your own special touch at your kitchen table with burlap place settings or any fabric that fits to your style and preference! This was a fun, no hassle project and I plan to make a set for myself as well!!! Thanks for reading and give me your thoughts on this project! Also, please feel free to share your special kitchen table project ideas with us!! 

~~Momma Mia~~ 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Outdoor Projects and Decor! Handmade Wind Chimes

   This time of year has everyone out in their yard adding special touches and making lists of special projects! I've come across so many lovely handmade ideas for wind chimes and outdoor decor that I just had to share!!! So here is the most recent thing added to my outdoor project list!!

The below is featured on Crystalarium. They have some beautiful pieces with crystal details. The great thing about this is there will be gentle noises in the breeze and wonderful prisms of color :) 

I really loved the below concept. Take antique pieces and attaches beads, utensils, small antiques and objects that reflect you and your likes! Beautiful and one of a kind! 

I also love the utensil chimes and decorative pieces! Really best reuse of these items and so fun! The reality is that if you enjoy home projects and DIY art then these are not difficult and just really unique and fun! Also, just to buy these already complete they are pretty expensive. Try your hand at creating your own. Then time spent makes it special! If you don't have the time though, which happens to us all, then definitely wonder in to your local craft and decor stores for some beautiful pieces already complete and ready to enjoy! 

Another chime that beautifully displays unique antique pieces, or duplications of them. Love, love this one! 

This really shows how you can take any okect and repurpose it for a chime. Be totally open minded. If you like the look of something upright, upside down, or sideways then make it happens. Use a steamer basket from kitchen, a metal wire basket for fruits, and the list goes on. Flip it upside down and add your attachment to hang the finished piece. Then add anything that clangs with a noise you think is pretty and add pieces that reflect your surrounding, personality, etc!

I really liked the concept of the below piece, but in my mind I would want to add children's handprints and seal them or special sayings that my family enjoys, my kids art on each piece, or all of us painting them together and adding special details! 

Here is another I loved! I just keep seeing so many beautiful ideas!!!! I really want to add this piece to my collection too! 

I am working on making some of these and so are the sweet little helpers in my life!!! Will follow with a post of my little boys wind chime and mine! :)

I hope this sparked some ideas in your mind for some beautiful creations to add to your porch or garden space! Happy creations!!! :) 

Thanks for visiting!!!! Share some of your beautiful creations and ideas with us!! Love seeing the ideas and special pieces!! 
~~Momma Mia~~ :D 


Monday, February 2, 2015

Praying the Lords Prayer for your Marriage

   I pray for my family, friends, daily decisions, and the example I set to show others and encourage others. I pray and search for guidance to a strong person relationship with God and also for my family to have the same. I pray at the center of our family for a strong focus and faith in God. I read this post on and just really felt the need to share it. I hope others enjoy it as much as I did. I enjoy his posts regularly. It's constant focus on family and relationships with God and each other and they are very wise and encouraging pieces I feel. 

Praying the Lord’s Prayer for Your Marriage


It was about ten years ago. I was sitting in the basement with a couple of friends, huddled around our desktop computer. If memory serves me right, they had stopped by to get a little help with setting up their own blog and to taste my borscht. Blogs I knew, but ask me anything else about the computer and I had to call the kids in for help. You know how it goes…

It was around 5:30 pm. That I remember because we had just finished eating dinner together before we went down stairs. Laughing and chatting and clicking away, we kept ourselves busy until something stopped us dead in our tracks.

It was my 12-year old son.

“Thanks for the wonderful meal, Mom!” He hollered down from the kitchen.

Spinning around in her chair, my friend gasped, “What decade are we in?”

And with that we broke out in laughter.

Obviously this was a foreign concept to them, but to us it was an everyday thing.

I remember specifically training my children to thank me after each and every meal. “Bring your dishes to the sink, and thank the person who cooked it.” That was our rule whether they were at home or away.

And not just a simple, “Thanks,” either. I wanted them to pause for a moment and express a little more than one word. I’ll admit it felt silly at times asking someone else to stop and thank me, but it’s my job as their teacher to lead them in truth.

[Read the rest of the article at Time-Warp Wife.]

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year and New Experiences Already!!!

   Just as the new year arrived we found out we were ready to go and able to start searching for our first home!!! I want to share this new journey that myself and my family are on right now.  It is the first new event of the year for us. We are shopping for our first home purchase! I have to say it is an ever changing, petrifying, emotional roller coaster. The upside is I know when all of this is done, complete, and we have found our perfect little home for our family it will all be worth it. Then I can go in and paint my own walls, hang my own pictures, and put up my own decorations. Let me tell you that is when the diy projects and blogs are going to start happening like crazy! I am so exited to share the journey with people too and all of the experiences of purchasing your first home just so that when you do it or if you have already done it you can share and relate to the experiences. Also, use it as some sort of comfort when you go to purchase your first home if you have yet to. There are days with a lot of stress and low moments and then the happy and well accomplished days with much progress made. 

   The next special event tha presented itself in the new year is finding out we are expecting our second little one! Wow... A new little family member, a new home in the works, and so much change all at once!

   I am searching a lot for guidance and calm. For peace and the ability to trust through every challenge. I fall short so often and it amazes me because I see proof every moment of every day that God His hands on our lives yet I second guess and put myself through the questioning and the attempts to take control! 

   One example, I was stressed about finances and felt things just we not looking up and I drove to grab a meal to split with my sister and when we got to the window someone before us had paid for our meal. I'm now really familiar either the pay it forward concept and think it is a special and yet such a simple way to impact a persons day. It made me break down in tears! It was to me an immediate sign He was in control and was going to work everything out if we just trusted. 

   So I simply wanted to just share these thoughts and hope that my ramblings encourage someone else today. 

   I'm thankful I know that I'm not alone, I'm thankful my family is not alone, and I'm so thankful that there is a higher purpose and loving arm around us to step us through every day. 

Lots of Love,
~~Momma Mia