Monday, September 28, 2015

Family of Three Now a Family of Four! ;)

   Since my last post we have joyfully welcomed our second sweet little angel into the arms of our family. It's an overwhelming happiness and love that fills you beyond anything you can plan to expect. I'm sitting here right now watching them both as they nap with sweet peaceful little faces that light up my world! 
   You wonder all kinds of things as you find out you are expecting your second child... One of my main concerns (that was more of a pre-baby arrival concern) was a healthy pregnancy and safe arrival of our little guy. We have had some wonderful and special people around us go through some very tragic experiences. The weight of those experiences left a lot of fear in my heart and mind. I just wanted to be sure to do all I could to make baby healthy and myself healthy because my oldest needed me and our little one needed me to make sure I did my part to be healthy for him as well. I am beyond thankful God brought us both safely through. It was a healthy pregnancy with little issue except I throw up all 9 months with my boys! :) They are worth every bit of those minor issues though! The key in all of my worries is to trust and try to find calm in that we can only control we we can which are the daily choices of how we treat our body's while pregnant and if we are making every effort then let the worries and concerns go because those are harmful to you as well as the baby. Let go of your fears and let trust God has His arms around you. 
  One of my top concerns for after baby arrived was making sure my oldest felt included and still special along with making sure I loved on the second as well. I promised my oldest the entire pregnancy that if he was just patient I'd be back to normal soon and we could jump and play just like we always have. We also made sure to explain how much baby brother loved him and how he could hear him in my belly while I was pregnant even to encourage his feeling/knowing there was a special connection already between him and his brother. Since baby's arrival my oldest has had his moments of needing attention, but that's to be expected! However, he absolutely endlessly loves our littlest and just yesterday told his baby brother he was his best friend in the whole wide little world! So all is going extremely well on the new family member front!!!!! 
   My biggest thing to share and be thankful for is how I see our beautiful family growing and progressing. We are still adjusting to all of life's little changes since our newest addition, but we are ready and enjoying the ride! 
   I am just very thankful for all we have been blessed with and hoping to encourage others through our experiences. 

Lots of love from Momma Mia and family

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