Saturday, January 25, 2014

Awesome Upcycling / Beautiful DIY Furniture Makeovers!

   I have always loved crafty, DIY, made with love type projects, but over the last few years this area of my life has multiplied drastically! I love that it has too!!!!! 

   I so enjoy when someone takes a piece of furniture that you can tell has already been well loved and very used and remakes it into something new and gorgeous again in a totally different way! The piece just keeps giving and allows another person to love it until it looks well loved for many years all over again. 

   These type of projects are so budget friendly too of which I am also a huge fan. You can yard sale shop, estate sale shop, etcetera and find pieces for no real expense and just end up with a total gem! Love it! 

   I've found some great blogs and websites for some really neat remakes of furniture lately and just wanted to share! 

   This blog link shows a total room makeover that is really neat and budget friendly which is wonderful! My favorite piece was the dresser that was turned into a blanket hutch! Love it so much that I definitely will be adding this piece to my home as well. It's just such a charming remake of a small dresser. I fell in love with it. Hope you enjoy as well!

   This website shows a wonderful total transformation of pallet wood into a beautiful table.

Unfortunately the above site was temporarily down when I last clicked this link, but I wanted to be sure the link was noted. Hopefully it will be back in working order once someone else tries to take a more detailed look at this project. I love the table though. Just beautiful! Very budget friendly as well! 

   This last piece is more about the small details to me that can be added to really make a piece just perfect! They added some molding and legs to the bottoms of their bathroom cabinetry in addition to other things and the piece just completely changes! Beautiful! Link posted below picture as well.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed these links as much as I did!! 

~~Momma Mia

Friday, January 17, 2014

Wedding DIY Details, but First to Set the Scene!

   Do-it-yourself projects for weddings and other special occasions are not only a financially friendly approach, but more importantly the experience and your special touches really make the surrounding environment that much more memorable and personal! I was blessed to be surrounded by people who wanted to jump in there with me and DIY like crazy for our wedding so there are a lot of projects and ideas for me to share! 

~~~Setting the Scene :) ~~~
   I want to share some of the projects we incorporated in our wedding, but first just to reminisce and of course to provide a little more of a visual for you all I'll tell you a bit about the wedding venue. When my husband and I were planning our wedding we were able to find a beautiful venue in Townsend, TN nestled privately in the mountains. There was a large space of green grass where we were married. A small creek was gently flowing between the space where our wedding took place and the mountain side around us which was covered in beautiful trees spashled with fall colors while speckled at their base were little wild flowers. The venue also had a covered space for the reception up the hill with large natural log details and beautiful rock floors complete with a lovely natural rock fireplace that was perfect for adding extra warmth to the fall temperatures that day. Funny side note: the fireplace was also perfect for my Dad and a couple of my sisters and family to cook a hot dog in the fire while setting up as well haha! :D There was a kitchen for food prep and cabins for all of the wedding party. Basically the backdrop for our special day was so amazing just as the memories we all made there together. The venue was newly established so we were the first to be married there among any of our family and friends which was really neat as well. 

   The day was just perfect! Surrounded by family and friends I married my wonderful husband. There was love and effort from everyone invested into our special moment and you cannot ask for anything more than that. 

   Just watch for future posts. I'm gathering pictures and notes on the projects we did for the wedding and reception to be posted soon. 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Changing Times

   Things are ever changing as we all know and often now people say the changes are so rapid you can miss them with a blink. Many say things have taken an extreme turn for the worst. I'm not a fan of thinking that way even though I see many of their points for this argument. 

   This reality and the economies down turn have only made many of us stand more steadfast than before! Teaching us to fight for our families and our rights, be passionate and vocal about the things we love and believe, adapt to slowed economic growth and change by simply approaching things in a more frugal and conscious manner. These moments and times cause the passionate flame our country is built on to burn more deeply and shine more brightly. We come together and we grow stronger in times like these and we will do so again as the passion is splashed all over our media from all sides concerned it is clear these times are yet again causing us to rally for unimaginable success against the obstacles we may face! 

   My opinion on the changes happening in our country is that it simply causes us all to reach deeply into our hearts and souls and be what we are known for being which is a people that breaks barriers and adapts successfully when it's a necessity! We are a people of determination, strong and unwavering faith, and a beautiful spirit determined to be free and prosperous! We are a nation that offers fulfillment of dreams and freedoms beyond imagination for so many! Times like these make us grow just as times that are difficult in marriages, friendships, and relationships of all scopes and sizes grow upon dealing with and succeeding together through adversity! Despite all challenges and bad seeds attempting to break us we will still succeed and still see days of success, economic growth, and prosperity in every way soon enough. We are a people that defines that outcome and we will do it again!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year Thoughts

   I have already had so many meaningful learning experiences and special people cross my path in this new year. I want to share and plan to share many of those things here on my new connection to others through this blog. I feel it is most definitely a year of change and growth! I am eager to experience whatever blessings this year plans for me and my family and hope I am able to encourage many others to do the same through this new year as well! 

   So many times one can get to a place in life that seems like you are stuck. You cannot move forward, backwards, or anywhere. You are scared to change because of the chance you are taking and the possibilities of loss from one angle or another. The fear is embedded in the concern for the family for whom you have to provide or maybe as a single person your concern is for providing for yourself with no fallback plan if you fail. It is hard to know and see everyone's special scenario, but the key for all cases is faith. Taking the step that you feel in your heart you are led to is most important. Learning the lesson of trust and then smiling as the blessings unfold! This year I want to know I am trusting and stepping out in faith. I hope those experiences and steps can allow me to take care of my family in new and awesome ways throughout 2014 and also lead others to feel encouraged and inspired to do the same for themselves. 

Friday, January 3, 2014

Hi For the First Time!

   The best I can say for this first post is to just know it is my first time blogging ever and it may not be beautiful until I get the hang of this. :) I have had an interest in blogging for awhile now and I am excited to see how this works.
   My goal is really to share encouraging thoughts and experiences, special finds, and projects for the home and family that I come across or do in hopes that someone else will find them useful as well!