Friday, January 17, 2014

Wedding DIY Details, but First to Set the Scene!

   Do-it-yourself projects for weddings and other special occasions are not only a financially friendly approach, but more importantly the experience and your special touches really make the surrounding environment that much more memorable and personal! I was blessed to be surrounded by people who wanted to jump in there with me and DIY like crazy for our wedding so there are a lot of projects and ideas for me to share! 

~~~Setting the Scene :) ~~~
   I want to share some of the projects we incorporated in our wedding, but first just to reminisce and of course to provide a little more of a visual for you all I'll tell you a bit about the wedding venue. When my husband and I were planning our wedding we were able to find a beautiful venue in Townsend, TN nestled privately in the mountains. There was a large space of green grass where we were married. A small creek was gently flowing between the space where our wedding took place and the mountain side around us which was covered in beautiful trees spashled with fall colors while speckled at their base were little wild flowers. The venue also had a covered space for the reception up the hill with large natural log details and beautiful rock floors complete with a lovely natural rock fireplace that was perfect for adding extra warmth to the fall temperatures that day. Funny side note: the fireplace was also perfect for my Dad and a couple of my sisters and family to cook a hot dog in the fire while setting up as well haha! :D There was a kitchen for food prep and cabins for all of the wedding party. Basically the backdrop for our special day was so amazing just as the memories we all made there together. The venue was newly established so we were the first to be married there among any of our family and friends which was really neat as well. 

   The day was just perfect! Surrounded by family and friends I married my wonderful husband. There was love and effort from everyone invested into our special moment and you cannot ask for anything more than that. 

   Just watch for future posts. I'm gathering pictures and notes on the projects we did for the wedding and reception to be posted soon. 


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