Thursday, January 16, 2014

Changing Times

   Things are ever changing as we all know and often now people say the changes are so rapid you can miss them with a blink. Many say things have taken an extreme turn for the worst. I'm not a fan of thinking that way even though I see many of their points for this argument. 

   This reality and the economies down turn have only made many of us stand more steadfast than before! Teaching us to fight for our families and our rights, be passionate and vocal about the things we love and believe, adapt to slowed economic growth and change by simply approaching things in a more frugal and conscious manner. These moments and times cause the passionate flame our country is built on to burn more deeply and shine more brightly. We come together and we grow stronger in times like these and we will do so again as the passion is splashed all over our media from all sides concerned it is clear these times are yet again causing us to rally for unimaginable success against the obstacles we may face! 

   My opinion on the changes happening in our country is that it simply causes us all to reach deeply into our hearts and souls and be what we are known for being which is a people that breaks barriers and adapts successfully when it's a necessity! We are a people of determination, strong and unwavering faith, and a beautiful spirit determined to be free and prosperous! We are a nation that offers fulfillment of dreams and freedoms beyond imagination for so many! Times like these make us grow just as times that are difficult in marriages, friendships, and relationships of all scopes and sizes grow upon dealing with and succeeding together through adversity! Despite all challenges and bad seeds attempting to break us we will still succeed and still see days of success, economic growth, and prosperity in every way soon enough. We are a people that defines that outcome and we will do it again!

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