Sunday, January 12, 2014

New Year Thoughts

   I have already had so many meaningful learning experiences and special people cross my path in this new year. I want to share and plan to share many of those things here on my new connection to others through this blog. I feel it is most definitely a year of change and growth! I am eager to experience whatever blessings this year plans for me and my family and hope I am able to encourage many others to do the same through this new year as well! 

   So many times one can get to a place in life that seems like you are stuck. You cannot move forward, backwards, or anywhere. You are scared to change because of the chance you are taking and the possibilities of loss from one angle or another. The fear is embedded in the concern for the family for whom you have to provide or maybe as a single person your concern is for providing for yourself with no fallback plan if you fail. It is hard to know and see everyone's special scenario, but the key for all cases is faith. Taking the step that you feel in your heart you are led to is most important. Learning the lesson of trust and then smiling as the blessings unfold! This year I want to know I am trusting and stepping out in faith. I hope those experiences and steps can allow me to take care of my family in new and awesome ways throughout 2014 and also lead others to feel encouraged and inspired to do the same for themselves. 

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