Friday, May 6, 2016

My Prayer Each Day and I Want My Boys to Always Know This

Dear Lord I pray for guidance in all the things I do. For peace, and faith to have the trust to simply lean on you.

I pray for every heart I know and each I pray is with you. I pray for every move I make to teach my sweet ones of You.

I pray for every thing I do to touch their hearts for good. I pray that every time I speak I say it as You would.

The sad thing is I fail on these and each day make mistakes, but I pray for constant guidance and far better the next day.

My prayer most every moment is to grow in you each day and for my family's focus to always do the same.

I simply just have peace in knowing You are always near and always with Your angels placed around us far or near.

I pray for long and happy lives with my family in your presence and then for thankful togetherness always forever in Heaven.

In Jesus Christ Precious Name Amen

This is my nightly prayer, but noted in a poem. It's what I always pray. I want my boys and my entire wonderful family to know my love for them and how hard I try though I make so many mistakes. I pray their hearts reflect my prayers as answered always with a strong Christian Faith and heart that shows it. I felt the need to share.

Sweet dreams,

Momma Mia

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gifts or Any Day Gifts That Make Memories

   Over the years we have created and found some wonderful projects for Mother's Day that have made some of my favorite gifts and memories! These are perfect for special days and any day you want to give a special gift honestly. 
   I wanted to share several wonderful projects you can do with your children as fun DIY crafts at home that make the very best times with them and just the most precious keepsakes. 
   These all only require time and a few basic things such as paint, paper, and your kiddos! Perfect gifts for Mom's Day! 
   My very first to show you and the largest piece I have and LOVE is the outdoor scene made with only the kids hands, feet, and arms covered in paint! Your kids will enjoy and you get a beautiful memory with the size of their sweet feet and hands all over it! This was my Mom's idea and I just love, love, love it! Notice they used handprints for the clouds and sun, foot prints for the green tree tops, arms for the tree trunk, feet for the grass, and the side of their little fists for the flowers. :) 

Another one I love so much that I came across with an example of hand prints and changed to foot prints just because it was the most likely success with my little boy. He was just a few months at the time I first did one and not terribly fond of paint on his fingers. :) A foot print bouquet for Mother's Day! My favorite bouquet to date :)

If you have just recently had a special new addition to your family a keepsake shadow box is always special too! Include things you know held special value and add a few pictures if there is room. I have hospital bonnet, first little bottle, come home outfits, a blue pacifier used with our family to announce it was a boy, measurement tape, foot prints, and a tiny precious little blood pressure cuff. :) 

Have your kids make their own cards with their own art work. If they cannot spell yet take note of what they say they are writing while they make their lines and artistic touches and then include that note with the card! 

A photo shoot is another precious idea. You do not have to go to a professional photographer even. Just take them to a favorite spot and get pictures of them in their own natural setting smiling and playing and print these off and frame as a gift! 

All of these are priceless and the actual price is very low as well. They are made with love and memories which is the most wonderful gift you can give! 

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all of the wonderful mothers out there with their lovely little blessings! 

Lots of Love,
Momma Mia 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Update and Transform Your Home on a Small Budget! Big Results forLittle Money!

   This post shows several of my favorite, easy, and affordable makeovers that I have come across lately that I absolutely LOVE!!! Not a lot of cost involved and huge changes visually!! You cannot ask for more than big changes with little investment! Woo hoo!

   The first project is just a classic need in most homes... Various rooms quickly get slightly dated iun appearance and it quickly becomes VERY overwhelming as the home owner! Immediately our minds think that we have to change out the counter tops, the tile in the shower and tub, the cabinetry, and the list goes on.... These things quickly add up to figures that really become daunting when you know there is more than JUST ONE room that needs this kind of attention in your home.... Here is a perfect redo showing how you can make small changes and get big, beautiful results! Love this redo example and this site! Just look how fresh and pleasant that bathroom redo is with the change of a few minor and inexpensive elements.

   This next redo shows how to really update a fireplace and take it from an older more traditional fireplace to a statement piece in your room! Note the fireplace stops at the mantle, but by repainting the brick around the fireplace, adding framing up the entire wall to the ceiling, and painting the wall from the mantle to the ceiling in the color that matched the brick this fireplace now fills the wall from floor to ceiling and it is gorgeous with minimal investment! Now if you have a fireplace that makes you fretted and seems dated and dark think of the options now!

   Here is a mud room redo with paint as a few decorative pieces added to the walls basically, but this room was completely transformed!

   This is a neat idea to add interest and a pretty window seat to a room that needs a face lift and some dressing up... Ikea pieces repurposed for a whole new idea! I love window seats no matter what, but then add storage to it and you cannot lose... Especially in your children's rooms. :)

   This next one is something I just loved... It really gave the kitchen a total facelift and it just looks so bright and inviting now!!!! Note how they opened up one of the pieces of cabinetry to make it an open faced display shelf for some lovely pieces in the kitchen.... I really liked that. Also, think about this from a different aspect being if you purchase a home with far less cabinetry in the kitchen then you hoped for..... Add shelving with pretty shelf supports and paint them to match the cabinetry. Place your pretty pieces or well organized sections of kitchen gadgets on the shelves and hide the less manageable sections behind closed doors!! I love my grandmothers kitchen in Maine. She had opened shelving in several spots in her kitchen that made it feel inviting and homey to me. She displayed hand made pottery pieces on those shelves in tons of bright colors. I just love it!!


   This last redo is close to my heart and cost less than $90 to complete. It is a bedroom in my home. We remade our king size bed from headboard to floor in this post and I was so happy with it!!!

   I hope these offered some inspiration to  your home and family! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Lots of Love,
Momma Mia :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Make Your Home A Showpiece !! Little Details that Count in Big Ways !!

   I want to do everything on this list!! I am excited to share a bunch of finds that will add alot of charm to your home with little money spent. These little changes are small, but unique and smart features and additions that will set your home apart from the rest. You would not see these things often, but once you do you will not want to go without! 

   Check out how great this makes those plain and simple light switch covers look. Funny how my light switch covers were just fine until u saw this haha, but what an easy and inexpensive upgrade! So pretty! You go from a normal switch plate to lovely.... :) Love it! 
   Two approaches to achieve this and both cost very little... First option is an inexpensive or old frame you have setting around that fits your switches which is pretty easy to do because the sizes are comparable or you can use actual molding. The following link shows the redo with picture frames. 

   This is a great change coming up next. You know those drawers in your house that are fake? You pull them and think for sure they will open, but nothing happens and then you just think it so odd to take all that time to install something that really should actually be what it looks like?! :) Well make good use of it and turn it into a functional addition to the space with this neat idea! 

    Here is another inexpensive upgrade. Not fond of the color of your appliance anymore? Upgrade your dishwasher for example simply with contact paper that is stainless steel in appearance! 

   We all need extra space in our kitchens! The below addition is so smart and takes up very little space and yet still adds a lot of space! This creates a neat and clean organizational space for cleaning supplies and when you close the doors no one would ever even pay attention to it. 

   Add a lovely cover to your toilet paper and paper towel rolls with this great idea! Molding turned into a shelving case around them removes the eye soar and adds functionality with a very attractive flair. Love!!!!! 

   Here is another very pretty way to cover your toilet paper roll and add function and style at the same time. This is really a pretty way to add decorative details to your restroom/powder room

   Here is a beautiful way to make your bathroom look more elegant and just by adding two shower curtains instead of one! Also, I love the shower rods that curve outwards to add the appearance of larger space in the shower. I just think those are pretty and then add double shower curtains again to that scenario also. Lovely!!! 
   This is same idea as cabinet paint makeover in the kitchen example, but still the transformations are just so fun to see. It's encouraging too to see what small investments can change! This is just changing fixtures and paint. Remember too fixtures can get expensive if you approach it the wrong way. Be sure and shop for sales, and look on sites where people are selling barely used things.... You can save a ton even though you weren't really spending a lot to begin with. The key is that the extra savings here CAN MAKE ANOTHER PROJECT POSSIBLE! :D (Happy Dance!!)

   Now I loved this because this lower portion of a lot of houses on the outside siding is just unattractive and unfinished looking. Take a look at how much this completes and details the house to really look finished and beautiful! 

   I hope all of these small, but very effective changes can really step up the look of a home! It's gorgeous and small additions to your home that really make an impact! 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this post! 

Lots of Love! 
Momma Mia :) 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Praying.... Now Ready, Set, Go

   I feel like I've been spoken to so much today. I almost feel like God is yelling loud and clear, "Okay Mia, I'm speaking to you and asking if you are listening?!" It ha touched me so deeply I wanted to jump on here and share. Maybe this is a turning point, a new beginning to my life goals, the shaping of my future and my dreams actually starting to unfold... Maybe this is a learning experience and motivation to move forward with encouragement that God hears me, but may not be ready for me to start my new journey. I'm not sure, but I do know that very loudly and clearly He has lovingly spoken to me and shared signs with me since late last night. This is just the most recent touching experiences, but honestly my experiences since middle of September have been walking me down a path that truly constantly screamed God has His hands wrapped around myself and my lovely family.
   Specifically to share today's experiences you would have to know that in hindsite I see it started last night when I saw a post on Facebook sharing the story of Joanna Gaines (extremely talented and beautiful person inside and out with a lovely family who has prospered under God's guidance as well) who is the star designer on HGTVs Fixer Upper with her husband being the star contractor and building director). Herself and her husband Chip Gaines have stepped out in faith and, as she stated in her short video, have been placed now on a tremendous platform allowing them to touch so many people's lives while fulfilling their family dreams... This video brought me to tears and spoke so deeply to me at this exact moment in my life. I have included link because it may touch you as well.
   Now moving into my experiences today, which I realize link into my yesterday now, I've had so many things cross my path relating to others touched as well by God today and it keeps coming up. My sister spoke to me early on today very touched by the Joanna Gaines video I shared, then we had a very long heart to heart that brought a lot of thought and clarity to my vision of my professional and personal life right now. This all could be described in far more detail, but suffice it to say my day rolled into this evening and then I run across some amazing articles written by powerful Christians. This evenings events that i just began to reference were as follows, I'm reading this blog and the words are so well spoken and speak so clearly to me and again exactly where my current mindset is. This blog post suggests at home work and then it's an amazing article that suggests books to read for virtual assistant type of work making around the income I make now. The writer of this article beautifully articulating why many people from many view points desire more schedule flexibility and hers being her children which is exactly where my heart is as a mom of a three year old and a three month old at this moment. So I download two of the many books her article suggested and the very first one to come up for sampling on my Kindle app is written by a Christian lady who wrote it with the want to stay home, but contribute income and she sounds like she is literally in my head at this very point in my life.... Literally, I cannot tell you how loudly this book slapped me in the face with the introduction... 
   So now I'm searching, praying, and reaching out in hopes that all of these beautiful moments and signs that have crossed my path are a call to action on my part. I'm sharing because I hope this encourages someone reading this as their words encouraged me. I am praying that if this is a fork in the road that takes me down a new and wonderful road of blessings for my family that I can share the journey ste by step to encourage others as these powerful writers I have run across encouraged me and as most importantly an effort to share God's love and guidance in my life so that you can know as well He is there and carrying us every step of the way. 
   As I research and learn I will share more through posts here and I hope I have a lot more to share in the coming weeks and months! 

Lots of Love and appreciation for your visits to my blog! 
Momma Mia 

As an addition, I wanted to share the eBook about at home work and virtual assistant guidance because I appreciated it so much and I am still reading it at this moment. I just realized j spoke so highly of it in this article and then never actually noted the author. The author is Lisa Morosky and her book is titled the Bootstrap VA.