Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Make Your Home A Showpiece !! Little Details that Count in Big Ways !!

   I want to do everything on this list!! I am excited to share a bunch of finds that will add alot of charm to your home with little money spent. These little changes are small, but unique and smart features and additions that will set your home apart from the rest. You would not see these things often, but once you do you will not want to go without! 

   Check out how great this makes those plain and simple light switch covers look. Funny how my light switch covers were just fine until u saw this haha, but what an easy and inexpensive upgrade! So pretty! You go from a normal switch plate to lovely.... :) Love it! 
   Two approaches to achieve this and both cost very little... First option is an inexpensive or old frame you have setting around that fits your switches which is pretty easy to do because the sizes are comparable or you can use actual molding. The following link shows the redo with picture frames. 

   This is a great change coming up next. You know those drawers in your house that are fake? You pull them and think for sure they will open, but nothing happens and then you just think it so odd to take all that time to install something that really should actually be what it looks like?! :) Well make good use of it and turn it into a functional addition to the space with this neat idea! 

    Here is another inexpensive upgrade. Not fond of the color of your appliance anymore? Upgrade your dishwasher for example simply with contact paper that is stainless steel in appearance! 

   We all need extra space in our kitchens! The below addition is so smart and takes up very little space and yet still adds a lot of space! This creates a neat and clean organizational space for cleaning supplies and when you close the doors no one would ever even pay attention to it. 

   Add a lovely cover to your toilet paper and paper towel rolls with this great idea! Molding turned into a shelving case around them removes the eye soar and adds functionality with a very attractive flair. Love!!!!! 

   Here is another very pretty way to cover your toilet paper roll and add function and style at the same time. This is really a pretty way to add decorative details to your restroom/powder room

   Here is a beautiful way to make your bathroom look more elegant and just by adding two shower curtains instead of one! Also, I love the shower rods that curve outwards to add the appearance of larger space in the shower. I just think those are pretty and then add double shower curtains again to that scenario also. Lovely!!! 
   This is same idea as cabinet paint makeover in the kitchen example, but still the transformations are just so fun to see. It's encouraging too to see what small investments can change! This is just changing fixtures and paint. Remember too fixtures can get expensive if you approach it the wrong way. Be sure and shop for sales, and look on sites where people are selling barely used things.... You can save a ton even though you weren't really spending a lot to begin with. The key is that the extra savings here CAN MAKE ANOTHER PROJECT POSSIBLE! :D (Happy Dance!!)

   Now I loved this because this lower portion of a lot of houses on the outside siding is just unattractive and unfinished looking. Take a look at how much this completes and details the house to really look finished and beautiful! 

   I hope all of these small, but very effective changes can really step up the look of a home! It's gorgeous and small additions to your home that really make an impact! 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out this post! 

Lots of Love! 
Momma Mia :) 

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