Friday, February 19, 2016

Update and Transform Your Home on a Small Budget! Big Results forLittle Money!

   This post shows several of my favorite, easy, and affordable makeovers that I have come across lately that I absolutely LOVE!!! Not a lot of cost involved and huge changes visually!! You cannot ask for more than big changes with little investment! Woo hoo!

   The first project is just a classic need in most homes... Various rooms quickly get slightly dated iun appearance and it quickly becomes VERY overwhelming as the home owner! Immediately our minds think that we have to change out the counter tops, the tile in the shower and tub, the cabinetry, and the list goes on.... These things quickly add up to figures that really become daunting when you know there is more than JUST ONE room that needs this kind of attention in your home.... Here is a perfect redo showing how you can make small changes and get big, beautiful results! Love this redo example and this site! Just look how fresh and pleasant that bathroom redo is with the change of a few minor and inexpensive elements.

   This next redo shows how to really update a fireplace and take it from an older more traditional fireplace to a statement piece in your room! Note the fireplace stops at the mantle, but by repainting the brick around the fireplace, adding framing up the entire wall to the ceiling, and painting the wall from the mantle to the ceiling in the color that matched the brick this fireplace now fills the wall from floor to ceiling and it is gorgeous with minimal investment! Now if you have a fireplace that makes you fretted and seems dated and dark think of the options now!

   Here is a mud room redo with paint as a few decorative pieces added to the walls basically, but this room was completely transformed!

   This is a neat idea to add interest and a pretty window seat to a room that needs a face lift and some dressing up... Ikea pieces repurposed for a whole new idea! I love window seats no matter what, but then add storage to it and you cannot lose... Especially in your children's rooms. :)

   This next one is something I just loved... It really gave the kitchen a total facelift and it just looks so bright and inviting now!!!! Note how they opened up one of the pieces of cabinetry to make it an open faced display shelf for some lovely pieces in the kitchen.... I really liked that. Also, think about this from a different aspect being if you purchase a home with far less cabinetry in the kitchen then you hoped for..... Add shelving with pretty shelf supports and paint them to match the cabinetry. Place your pretty pieces or well organized sections of kitchen gadgets on the shelves and hide the less manageable sections behind closed doors!! I love my grandmothers kitchen in Maine. She had opened shelving in several spots in her kitchen that made it feel inviting and homey to me. She displayed hand made pottery pieces on those shelves in tons of bright colors. I just love it!!


   This last redo is close to my heart and cost less than $90 to complete. It is a bedroom in my home. We remade our king size bed from headboard to floor in this post and I was so happy with it!!!

   I hope these offered some inspiration to  your home and family! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Lots of Love,
Momma Mia :)

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