Friday, August 28, 2015

Sharing a friends new creation :)

   This is just a post to share a friends recently published cookbook! It's filled with delicious desserts planned around being able to ship them to loved ones and also able to just be made for your loved ones nearby as well. I just had to share because I'm excited for her and wish her the best success following her passion to make wonderful things for her family's enjoyment in the midst of a very hectic professional life as a wonderful high risk OBGYN. Just love her and wanted to share her new project! 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Baby Brother Soon to be Here !

Big brother ❤️

Little brother ❤️

   In just a couple of weeks our new little addition will be arriving and my sweet little three year old baby will be promoted to Big Brother! We all are so excited and as it comes closer my whole hope and focus is to make my little one feel a special part of it all and my new little one transition and thrive happily! 
   It's funny how your thoughts change from the first blessing to the second. The first only makes you worry about everything being perfect still but in a very different way! With my first I wanted the nursery perfect, the clothes ready, toys and accessories for every need in place, and me to do the best I could taking care and chugging water to nurse him successfully. My whole focus was on one little angel coming home healthy and happy. 
   Well, as a side note, we were ready with supplies and accessories, but I had to have an emergency delivery due to preeclampsia with that little man so things went a little differently than planned. I did not nest, but instead my lovely mom did for me! Specifically she emergency nested in forty eight hours and throughout the night after I was put in the hospital! She was a huge blessing and the reason things were organized when we arrived home. I kept thinking I had time and surprise I did not! :) 
   Back to the things different for me this pregnancy, I am nesting and possibly not even the natural nesting, but more of the panic nesting in case something crazy happens! :) We have most of what we need so it's just special purchases for our new baby and special things for his brother. Most importantly though, my mental planning is so different. I want so much to make sure my oldest feels a part of everything and knows how special he is to us all while bringing our new little one home! I want our new little one to get all of the attention he needs as well! It's iust strange how from one to two little ones the planning for me mentally seems more intense. I just want the love to be felt from us abundantly and in a special way for both little angels in our family. :) 
   Currently my son is so excited and just keeps asking when his brother will be done growing? "Is he still growing, growing mommy?" He asks me often. Hehugs and kisses and talks to my belly often and his little brother responds to him like no one else! It's precious and I'm so excited to see when he gets to welcome him home! 
   Praying for a safe delivery and arrival home with a healthy happy new little angel. I am thankful for the blessing of another sweet little gift in our lives and just hoping and praying to do my very best at every moment for our family! 
   I just had to share an update and hope to be posting more often soon! This year just seems to have been so crazy, but I'm thankful for the crazy it has been too!!! 

Baby necessities: Newborn fishing hat ❤️ and precious little super soft baby accessories! 

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