Sunday, November 19, 2017

Sunroom Makeover: Part 2!

   Well, with life’s chaos this second part of the makeover took a touch longer than planned! :) Since our third little ones arrival we have found our new normal and it makes me smile. My oldest little guy helped me with this final project and all of the kids just love the end results!!! It’s a wonderful extension of our house that kids enjoy no matter what the weather outside. It’s just perfect for them!!!
   The initial project started with pieces of rug remnants on the floor and those great plastic curtain things that rolled down over the windows, you know the ones I referenced loving so much in my first post! Not actually... Anyway, part one removed all of the window coverings and I put curtains on roping around the entire room. The rope just has a really neat look I think and it’s very cost efficient. Rods can become so expensive and I’m also limited in actual sturdy space to mount something to in the portion of the wall I was working with so this concept was best for my space limitations as well. Anyway, moving on, part two gets rid of all of the ugly carpet remnants!!!!! Yes!!!!!
   The new floor is an excellent option for the kiddos right now and it looks great as well! It actually insulates the room a bit more too! I can pull up a piece if it gets messed up and it’s a cushioned space so it’s safe for my sweet babies and their heads if they take a tumble! Also, easy cleanup as I can just sweep or wipe down the floor!!!! Can you tell I love it?! Before and after a below. It only took a few hours total to pull up the old carpet and cut the mats to fit the space!

NOW, the final product!!! Whew! Much better!

The less than attractive before photo of the flooring! :)

So excited about this room now! The flooring is also amazing because it makes for easy clean up when the kids and I are planting things! :)

I hope you enjoyed being a part of this makeover and that this space inspired you as well!

~~ Momma Mia :)

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Hindsight is Always 20/20

So many times in my life have i stopped and looked at all that lies before me with total overwhelming emotion weither it be joy, peace, stress, sadness, or an unknown emotion where I am just stricken still in my steps and without knowledge of my next step to take. It is amazing in each instance how moments, hours, days, months, or years pass and all of the sudden you flash back to the moment you stood still. Suddenly you realize how if you had never stood in that one place you would never have walked so far as you have now and what a blessing those steps have been. These reflections just constantly remind me when I doubt how I should instead trust, when I cry how I should instead pray, and when I lose control how I should know there is a bigger picture I do not know controlled by a higher power I know so well that holds us in His arms and surrounds us with His angels.
One moment I recall as a standing still in tears moment is now something that basically smacks me in the face because of how beautifully it all turned out. I wanted to share and hope it encourages someone that needs it today.
Five years ago I ended a phone call that was so important to me and started to bawl. I had built up so much anxiety about it, planned the conversation so extensively, made notes, and prayed, but the call did not go as I planned and hoped for. I had just given birth to our first little one. He was all I wanted to focus on. I asked if I could work at least part of the time from my home office. Understandibly, the response was no to keep things fair among co-workers, but i knew then for me I had to make a change. Five years later I am a full time at home mom working part time from my home office. Homeschooling my sweet five year old and feeling so blessed beyond words. I did not know God's plan, but i can say His plan was more perfect than I ever dreamed in my mind when I made my own plans.

I pray that your hearts desires are answered and you hear His voice when He directs you in His path. He always has His arms around us and knows more perfectly than us what is best. I thank Him for that beyond any words I can say that do it justice.

Sweet dreams and blessings to you and your families.

~Momma Mia

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Backyard Whimsy ~ Outdoor Lighting and Decor for Parties or Every Day ~ 30th Birthday Celebration!

   Have you ever watched one of those great make you happy movies where they are in a garden or some outdoor space and all of the sudden the entire landscape starts to sparkle with glittering lights? I always see those scenes and have wanted to achieve that look in some outdoor space I can enjoy in person!

   Glittering string lights among so many other things can just be so simple, but add so much to a special moment or make a simple normal space for every day use so much more special for all of your moments spent in it. Well, we finally set this special space up for my sister's 30th birthday! She has a wonderful space behind her home with trees, a pergola, and some other lovely outdoor elements that we were really able to highlight with glittering outdoor solar lights!

   Below you can see columns wrapped in glitter lights and lights wrapped around many of her trees. It was lovely because the party started during daylight and as the evening went on everything lit up with glittering lights all around.

  I included a picture of the twine wrapped number 30 with little flowers on it that was mounted at the top of the pergola. Canning jars were wrapped with twine and hung in various places with a votive in them and they were also added to the tables. It was just a nice transition from day to evening light with all of the lovely various glowing pieces around!! :)

   We so enjoyed the party! She is a special part of our lives and it was so much to put something together to celebrate her being a blessing in so many ways to all of us! Love my sister! :)

Thanks so much for stopping in to read my post. Please stay tuned for more!

~~Momma Mia~~

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunroom Makeover Part 1 !!

   So it has been awhile since my last blog and I have missed this!!!!! There has been so much going on that time has run short. Our oldest is now almost five, our littlest guy is now a year and a half, and we have a little girl on the way! We bought our first home and have taken on several projects since moving in about nine months ago at this point. We have felt so blessed with so many wonderful new and precious gifts in our lives!

   I wanted to note many of the projects as we go along to share ideas and cost efficient makeovers for new homeowners that we have come across.

   One project I was very eager to do was our sunroom. I want to redo the flooring and window covers, along with changing general d├ęcor and layout. For now my first projects are the windows!!!

   There were roll up vinyl shades varying in colors of cream and tan when we moved in. They were difficult and aged. Apparently they were a little brittle from excess heat and sun exposure as well. Anyway, I didn't love them at all and wanted to make a change.

Instead of spending a fortune on curtain rods, curtains, and patterns I wanted to find another way. The exciting second option is a basic flat sheet, rope, and some metal hooks. Just select the least expensive flat sheet in the color you prefer and there you have it. I wanted a no-sew option as well so I just picked up curtain clips with rings and attached to my sheets. The sheet length was longer than the window length so I just folded the excess over on the front top of the sheet and made that a bit of a ruffle for extra detail. I got a solid piece of rope that exceeded the length I needed for all three walls to keep a continuous run of rope with no cutting or potential fraying that way. I also selected open hooks that were substantial enough to support the weight times three for each wall (so 9 total in my case). Select the distance between hooks that you feel good about to keep the curtains straight but with a slight sag is fine. Pre-drill your holes with a bit slightly smaller then the hook you chose and then screw in your hooks. In my case a 5/32 drill bit was perfect to create the pilot hole for my hook. To insert the hooks, if you can get a wing nut bit to attach to your drill it makes putting these hooks in so much easier. If your hook exceeds the size wing nut you can find then a short metal rod or bar of some sort used to turn the hook manually adds a lot of leverage and makes the task much faster.
   My new flooring is next, but here is a picture just after changing the curtains!!!

I feel like it's much cozier. I'll be changing the layout of my plant tables that my sweet kiddos and I plant succulents and other various favorites on as well, but this is the update so far. I'm excited to get this project complete!!!

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for more on this and many other projects!!!!
Happy Spring Project Time!
Momma Mia

Friday, May 6, 2016

My Prayer Each Day and I Want My Boys to Always Know This

Dear Lord I pray for guidance in all the things I do. For peace, and faith to have the trust to simply lean on you.

I pray for every heart I know and each I pray is with you. I pray for every move I make to teach my sweet ones of You.

I pray for every thing I do to touch their hearts for good. I pray that every time I speak I say it as You would.

The sad thing is I fail on these and each day make mistakes, but I pray for constant guidance and far better the next day.

My prayer most every moment is to grow in you each day and for my family's focus to always do the same.

I simply just have peace in knowing You are always near and always with Your angels placed around us far or near.

I pray for long and happy lives with my family in your presence and then for thankful togetherness always forever in Heaven.

In Jesus Christ Precious Name Amen

This is my nightly prayer, but noted in a poem. It's what I always pray. I want my boys and my entire wonderful family to know my love for them and how hard I try though I make so many mistakes. I pray their hearts reflect my prayers as answered always with a strong Christian Faith and heart that shows it. I felt the need to share.

Sweet dreams,

Momma Mia

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gifts or Any Day Gifts That Make Memories

   Over the years we have created and found some wonderful projects for Mother's Day that have made some of my favorite gifts and memories! These are perfect for special days and any day you want to give a special gift honestly. 
   I wanted to share several wonderful projects you can do with your children as fun DIY crafts at home that make the very best times with them and just the most precious keepsakes. 
   These all only require time and a few basic things such as paint, paper, and your kiddos! Perfect gifts for Mom's Day! 
   My very first to show you and the largest piece I have and LOVE is the outdoor scene made with only the kids hands, feet, and arms covered in paint! Your kids will enjoy and you get a beautiful memory with the size of their sweet feet and hands all over it! This was my Mom's idea and I just love, love, love it! Notice they used handprints for the clouds and sun, foot prints for the green tree tops, arms for the tree trunk, feet for the grass, and the side of their little fists for the flowers. :) 

Another one I love so much that I came across with an example of hand prints and changed to foot prints just because it was the most likely success with my little boy. He was just a few months at the time I first did one and not terribly fond of paint on his fingers. :) A foot print bouquet for Mother's Day! My favorite bouquet to date :)

If you have just recently had a special new addition to your family a keepsake shadow box is always special too! Include things you know held special value and add a few pictures if there is room. I have hospital bonnet, first little bottle, come home outfits, a blue pacifier used with our family to announce it was a boy, measurement tape, foot prints, and a tiny precious little blood pressure cuff. :) 

Have your kids make their own cards with their own art work. If they cannot spell yet take note of what they say they are writing while they make their lines and artistic touches and then include that note with the card! 

A photo shoot is another precious idea. You do not have to go to a professional photographer even. Just take them to a favorite spot and get pictures of them in their own natural setting smiling and playing and print these off and frame as a gift! 

All of these are priceless and the actual price is very low as well. They are made with love and memories which is the most wonderful gift you can give! 

Happy Mother's Day Weekend to all of the wonderful mothers out there with their lovely little blessings! 

Lots of Love,
Momma Mia 

Friday, February 19, 2016

Update and Transform Your Home on a Small Budget! Big Results forLittle Money!

   This post shows several of my favorite, easy, and affordable makeovers that I have come across lately that I absolutely LOVE!!! Not a lot of cost involved and huge changes visually!! You cannot ask for more than big changes with little investment! Woo hoo!

   The first project is just a classic need in most homes... Various rooms quickly get slightly dated iun appearance and it quickly becomes VERY overwhelming as the home owner! Immediately our minds think that we have to change out the counter tops, the tile in the shower and tub, the cabinetry, and the list goes on.... These things quickly add up to figures that really become daunting when you know there is more than JUST ONE room that needs this kind of attention in your home.... Here is a perfect redo showing how you can make small changes and get big, beautiful results! Love this redo example and this site! Just look how fresh and pleasant that bathroom redo is with the change of a few minor and inexpensive elements.

   This next redo shows how to really update a fireplace and take it from an older more traditional fireplace to a statement piece in your room! Note the fireplace stops at the mantle, but by repainting the brick around the fireplace, adding framing up the entire wall to the ceiling, and painting the wall from the mantle to the ceiling in the color that matched the brick this fireplace now fills the wall from floor to ceiling and it is gorgeous with minimal investment! Now if you have a fireplace that makes you fretted and seems dated and dark think of the options now!

   Here is a mud room redo with paint as a few decorative pieces added to the walls basically, but this room was completely transformed!

   This is a neat idea to add interest and a pretty window seat to a room that needs a face lift and some dressing up... Ikea pieces repurposed for a whole new idea! I love window seats no matter what, but then add storage to it and you cannot lose... Especially in your children's rooms. :)

   This next one is something I just loved... It really gave the kitchen a total facelift and it just looks so bright and inviting now!!!! Note how they opened up one of the pieces of cabinetry to make it an open faced display shelf for some lovely pieces in the kitchen.... I really liked that. Also, think about this from a different aspect being if you purchase a home with far less cabinetry in the kitchen then you hoped for..... Add shelving with pretty shelf supports and paint them to match the cabinetry. Place your pretty pieces or well organized sections of kitchen gadgets on the shelves and hide the less manageable sections behind closed doors!! I love my grandmothers kitchen in Maine. She had opened shelving in several spots in her kitchen that made it feel inviting and homey to me. She displayed hand made pottery pieces on those shelves in tons of bright colors. I just love it!!


   This last redo is close to my heart and cost less than $90 to complete. It is a bedroom in my home. We remade our king size bed from headboard to floor in this post and I was so happy with it!!!

   I hope these offered some inspiration to  your home and family! Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Lots of Love,
Momma Mia :)

Sunroom Makeover: Part 2!