Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Backyard Whimsy ~ Outdoor Lighting and Decor for Parties or Every Day ~ 30th Birthday Celebration!

   Have you ever watched one of those great make you happy movies where they are in a garden or some outdoor space and all of the sudden the entire landscape starts to sparkle with glittering lights? I always see those scenes and have wanted to achieve that look in some outdoor space I can enjoy in person!

   Glittering string lights among so many other things can just be so simple, but add so much to a special moment or make a simple normal space for every day use so much more special for all of your moments spent in it. Well, we finally set this special space up for my sister's 30th birthday! She has a wonderful space behind her home with trees, a pergola, and some other lovely outdoor elements that we were really able to highlight with glittering outdoor solar lights!

   Below you can see columns wrapped in glitter lights and lights wrapped around many of her trees. It was lovely because the party started during daylight and as the evening went on everything lit up with glittering lights all around.

  I included a picture of the twine wrapped number 30 with little flowers on it that was mounted at the top of the pergola. Canning jars were wrapped with twine and hung in various places with a votive in them and they were also added to the tables. It was just a nice transition from day to evening light with all of the lovely various glowing pieces around!! :)

   We so enjoyed the party! She is a special part of our lives and it was so much to put something together to celebrate her being a blessing in so many ways to all of us! Love my sister! :)

Thanks so much for stopping in to read my post. Please stay tuned for more!

~~Momma Mia~~

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