Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sports Highlight Odell Beckham Jr. !!

   As a first time mommy of a little boy I'm in training! I'm working to learn and observe so that when my little guy is old enough I'll be able to cheer him on and know all that he is talking about when he wants to!! I want to make him proud and take every opportunity to be a part of his joys in life!!! 
   It's important to note I do know some about sports because my wonderful dad was surrounded by four little girls his and no boys so we learned and participated with him! Playing football in the yard and anything else to spend time with our awesome dad. :) Now I'm just trying for my little boy to take what my dad has taught us to the next level! Luckily I have my dad and husband to continue my eduction on this! 
   So, to touch base on my actual post name, I do have to say that catch was literally the most amazing catch I have ever seen and my dad was through the roof when it happened too!! If I can I'll post a highlight, but it was awesome! He caught it behind his head one handed and brought that football in safely! Awesome job Odell Beckham Jr.!!! Wishing you an amazing career!! What an impressive moment and as a rookie too!!!! 

~~ Momma Mia in Sports Training ;) 

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