Saturday, February 8, 2014

Learning Something New / Crocheting!

   Something new on my plate is crocheting! I'm enjoying it very much and trying to really get the hang of reading patterns and learning terms.
   My mom is really my rock during this process because she learned some basic stitches (maybe that's not what they are referred to in crochet but it conveys my point) from my Nana and then ran with it and googled herself to a professional! She's very impressive and the only reason I didn't stop on my first project I'm sure is because she talked me through the confusion haha! 
   My first project was a blanket for my first little one and then from there I didn't really do anything but work to complete my sweet little boys blanket for memories. We wrapped him in it the day he left the hospital. Funny thing is that blanket it cockeyed and made from a stitch that apparently doesn't exist. Haha I was learning. Oh well, but it's special because it was for my little guy and it snuggled him when he came home from the hospital so I will always love that blanket. 
   Since then (just over the last month or two) I've learned a few new stitches, but with no projects to show for it. Just trying to learn some basics. Lately I have tried to pick projects and learn how to really do this!
   My current project is making cotton dish clothes and the link is shared below for a beautiful free pattern courtesy of I finished my first one just today and I'm very excited. It's actually shaped as it should be and the stitches count out correctly from beginning to end so YAY for not messing it up! It's very absorbent and pretty as well. I'll be making more in this stitch and hopefully other stitches as I go along. It's pretty easy so it was great for a beginner project. 
   I plan to post as I find links and useful sites for crochet hints, tips, tutorials, and free stuff. 
Note I chained 32 instead of 26 to make a slightly larger dishcloth, but both are very nice sizes. I just wanted something larger than 26 once I saw the size it would be.

Also is a great site for free patterns and more as the name says! This was my moms find and it's awesome! 

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