Wednesday, April 1, 2020

What Can I Do To Help? COVID-19 Life Changes. Let's Support Each Other!

Hi everyone,
    It has been awhile. I am trying very much to carve time to make regular posts again! I have projects to share and interesting short notes to post. The biggest thing on my mind lately, as I know it is with everyone, is navigating what many call the silent enemy, COVID-19. 
   We as a family, are making every effort to quarantine, stay healthy, adapt routines in our daily life to the new and hopefully temporary normal, and provide for our sweet kiddos and families! This has had such a tremendously devastating effect on families with sick loved ones and businesses working hard to feed their families. It breaks my heart and leaves me scared, but what we need to remember is that we should not live in fear! We should live as safely and intelligently aware as we can and then we just need to put this entire weight in God's incredibly capable hands. This is the peace that carries us all through! I am so thankful for that! 

   Here are some of my thoughts... These things have been weighing heavily on my heart as we have watched this entire situation emerge... I want to use my resources and experiences to help others! I want to help you! The stressed Mommy or Daddy now homeschooling, the parent still working and using germ x religiously, the people now navigating working from their new home office and managing daily tasks remotely, the person seeking new employment in the remote world! I am a home school mommy well before everyone became home school mommy's just weeks ago. I have worked remotely for almost seven years now. I have helped people seeking jobs navigate search phrases and avenues that would be applicable to them if I had any experience in it at all, and I have used A LOT of remote work platforms. 

   Read this post. Share your thoughts. Mention things that come to mind and I will work my hardest to create posts that apply to the common needs and new concerns now existing in our day to day life! I want to do my part to assist with any experience I currently have! So, please reach out, comment, suggest, share your worries, or just ask for prayers! If we share love and reach out through all of this we will come out on the other end far stronger! I also truly believe there is beauty in this time as families are together and talking with each other face to face, doing activities together, and stepping away from the consuming technology that often seems to keep us apart rather than bring us together. My heart prays this is a blessing and when this is over our families will have a new focus on that unit! I am praying to everyone affected by this through illness, finance, or quarantined separation from loved ones. I know we will get through this and I am thankful we have God to give us the peace that allows us to know He has it all in His hands! 

With all of my love! 
Momma Mia