Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Flowers & Foliage DIY !!

   Flowers and foliage that you can make! So excited about these finds and eager to use in an array of situations and events!! 
   Think about weddings, baby showers, general home decor additions, parties of any sort, events, store front decor, bouquets for all sorts of occasions, and a million other uses that only your imagination limits!
   I have come across so many different beautiful ideas and I just have to share. 

~~ Paper Ranunculus

Gorgeous and in season all year long! 

~~ More Floral DIY Links

~~ Another :) 

There are just so many and they are gorgeous!!! I'll continue to update and share all of these lovely finds as I go along!!! 

Thanks for stopping in and reading about these finds! 
Momma Mia ~~ :D 

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