Sunday, August 3, 2014

Out of the Box Extra Income Ideas for You and Your Family

   As a mommy and an individual just wanting to improve their family's well being I have set out on a mission to find ways and options to make additional income out of the home and in other less traditional environments! I am working constantly to find, research, and make sure my finds are legitimate so that I can provide for my family and share with your family so that it may bless you too! 
   My drive is that I want to be with my babies and I want to provide for them in the best way my husband and I can. I know I am among many who feel this same way and I am hoping to be able to research and share things that will give us all an informed direction needed to make progress in these hopes. 
   If anyone reading this post or reading posts to follow related to this topic has options and suggestions that they are willing to share what a wonderful blessing that would be as well! 
   I am in the middle of studying many different possibilities so you will hear from me again soon as I continue to study and pray to be lead to opportunities that are blessings for my family and your families!! Excited about this project!!

A few things I have found so far:

1) Blogging
   What I am doing right now can provide extra income for your family! Blogging! If you enjoy writing and expressing your thoughts in a way that others can share, learn from, or maybe even just giggle at then this might be an option for you! Share your day to day activities, knowledge, ideas that inspire, mommy advice, event planning concepts, photos, travel experiences, recipes, and any other special thing unique to you that you are passionate about! Your passion shines through in your words and will inspire others as well. That alone is a big personal reward and source of enjoyment. 
   The energy you emit will not go unnoticed and will be viewed, shared, and repeat! You will gain a following and they will create a traffic and following for your blog. What is more wonderful than doing something you love that discuses things you hold dear to your heart and will help take care of your loved ones while doing it?!! WONDERFUL!!  
   Once you've established a blog you can apply for and activate accounts that advertise small and tasteful ads on your website. These ads generate income based on views, clicks, and other activity. As your traffic increases your income will increase. Blog consistently, make It quality content, and you cannot go wrong. There are many free hosted sites you can join to blog and establish ads with: Blogger, Word Press, HubPages to name a few. 
   Give it a shot! There is no reason not to right? :) 

2) Rental Car Customer Service Telecommute Jobs 
   Rental car companies, such as Enterprise and Hertz for examples, will outsource various jobs such as customer service positions to people with at home offices to work from. Example: a friend just became employed for one of these type companies at an hourly wage of $13.00 per hour. It's a customer service position with Monday-Friday hours! What a blessing. This was not a rare occurrence either. Upon finding out about this I wanted to know more! It turns out this is a common and possible job to have a chance at so check this out in your area. 
3) Web Based Self-Employed Business 
   If you have a talent or a passion and you are willing to invest the time to market it you can build your own business in the comfort of your home via a personalized website. This is an incredibly realistic and affordable way to build a business. There are many sites that offer already made or easily editable website layouts if you are not comfortable in this area. My only warning is to watch for those sites that offer layouts and then once you establish a website with them they own it and will never let you move it to another service for hosting. Your domain should be yours. 
   Go Daddy is an example of a site with layouts available and the option to purchase a domain name through them. You still have the flexibility to take you domain name to anyone else you want as well. 

4) Etsy, EBay, Amazon
   These sites all offer options to set up a business storefront with a grouping of products your company sells. There are fees, but you can control them and your audience is immediately all over the world! 

5) Local Sales 
   Don't forget free opportunities for extra income on a local level such as Craiglist, regular yards sales, and community gatherings. All of these are free possibilities to bring a talent to your local community and generate income. 

6) Large Companies Turn to Telecommute Jobs 

   Many companies are outsourcing for various positions including customer service, admin assistants, data entry, medical transcription, and personal assistants. Keep your eyes open and continually scan Craigslist and other job posting sites for possibilities! 

   I plan to research more, but hope this article gives some thoughts and possible direction to anyone looking for options and lost as to where to start!!! You will hear from again as I learn more and again if you have suggestions to share please comment and we all will help each other! 

Thank you for stopping in to read my posts!!
~~Momma Mia

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