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New Baby On The Way !!! My List Of Favorite Items for Mommy andBaby :) / DIY, Personalized, Custom Made Options, & Must Haves

   This is a list of my very favorites items that I have come across as a mommy. These are things I am planning for my sisters when they have little ones. All are wonderful gift options for yourself or someone else who is expecting. This list offers items that make and record endless special moments, provide comfort for mommy while pregnant, offer convenience and efficiency after baby's arrival, and just items that you need, I promise you, and you will love!!!
   When I was pregnant my family bought me a few things that I would say were absolutely my favorite gifts that I received!! I would NEVER be without them they meant so much to me while pregnant. 

1) Personalized Birth Information Stuffed Animal
   One of my lovely sisters just loves monkeys and Curious George. She has always been a fan. I will absolutely have to get this sweet little monkey with personalized birth information embroidered on it!! I love, love this!! It's just like the concept where they put birth information or first home information on pillows, but this is even more special as a baby gift because the info is on this stuffed monkey and he's so cute! 

Listed on Etsy at the following link:

2) DIY Personalized Growth Chart 
   I absolutely love these. Wish I had one of these from the moment my son was born. I have made one now and plan to go back and mark prior heights on it along with his birth information to complete it since I have gotten a late start on this. He is 1 1/2 now so I still have plenty of marks ahead of me, but I want some prior ones too! :) 
   I have included some neat links to both a step by step DIY growth chart and then also some really pretty things you can purchase from Etsy that are pre-made markings for the rulers in your requested information. I would kind of blend both links and do as much as you like on your own and then jump to Etsy or your local hardware store for number and letter options! :D I also really love the DIY rulers with full birth stats positioned on it somewhere and those types of things are also available on Etsy. 

Etsy Link for letters:

DIY Link with Full Tutorial:

3) Pacifier Holders 
   There are tons of pacifier holder options that attach to your baby's clothing, car seat, toys, etc. My favorite is the handmade crocheted pacifier holder! It has a loop on either end and is made from the softest crocheted yarn so that it won't pinch or poke baby with metal attachments. These attach to everything wonderfully. You just loop it around the pacifier and loop it around a button, belt loop, etc on your baby's outfit. They come in all colors and different styles, but here are a couple of my favorites. 
Link below:

Link of another style I love:

4) Muslin Swaddling Blankets
   These are awesome! They are larger than normal receiving blankets and wonderful for swaddling your little one. They are the perfect weight to use as a cover for your little one or a breast feeding cover on the go for you. Also perfect size and fabric thickness to use as a throw over your car seat or stroller when baby goes into public places. Excellent must have item!!! You will not regret them. :D 

5) Double Electric Breast Pump 
   If you are breastfeeding and a working mommy you will love this. It really helps you provide and meet the needs of your little one with flexibility on time invested while you are dealing with your hectic day at work. Absolutely a great addition!

6) Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag
   I have to admit this one was a splurge, but a wonderful gift from my family! I absolutely love these diaper bags. They are excellent quality, incredibly spacious and organized with excessive amounts of pockets, and a few of the styles even have a full fold out changing station on the side (this is the style I have) and it is absolutely amazing!!! A good diaper bag is a wonderful, wonderful addition to the new mommy supplies!! I stand firmly behind this brand and their efficiency!!

7) Stroller with a reversible seat 
   There are various brands that make the stroller seat so that it can be reversed for baby to be facing you instead of everyone else while they are in their stroller. The design is normally so that you can set the stroller seat front facing and it can fit from a little one to an older child with just a few adjustments and snapping on/off the tray across its front. You can also flip the seat around the other way and there is a foot rest that folds all the way up to close off the end of the seat, the seat lays completely back, and the little hood completely covers the seat creating more of an on the go bassinet type of layout. I have one by Graco and love it!!! My little one wakes and can often be startled if he opens his eyes to a room full of strangers and this way I would have him facing me so he could wake and feel secure that I was there. Also, when they are little things we know avoiding sickness is a big deal and keeping them away from anything dangerous is a concern. This design stroller is a wonderful way to protect your little one during those early months and beyond. Wonderful, convenient, awesome!!! 

8) Snoogle Pillow
   When I was about 4 months along my sister bought me a Snoogle. If you have never heard of these please note you must not forget this!!! Haha, but seriously you will not want to forget this! :) They are an amazing, wonderful, miracle working provider of restful sleep! I mean there will still be times as always with pregnancy where you find difficulty settling in and making you and baby comfortable, but as a general rule that thing did NOT leave my side! They are sold at various places as the market has expanded for these, but you can definitely find them at places such as Motherhood Maternity, Baby's R Us, and Buy Buy Baby. 

9) Maternity Support Belts & Tummy Sleeves
   Maternity support belts and tummy sleeves were a wonderful and comforting addition to my daily attire at home and at work while pregnant. Again my sweet sister is the type to research things as her family and friends are experiencing new things. She tries to find things to be supportive and beneficial when she gifts. Wonderful gift and I will do the same in return! 
   In regards to the maternity support belt I noticed cramping in my lower stomach and discomfort far worse on my days that I would forget to put my support belt on versus the days I wore it. Most days I made it a point not to forget, but forgetting it happened from time to time and I definitely noticed the difference. They are so wonderful! I just cannot say the difference they made in how I felt not to mention they are supposed to be very beneficial in assisting your body with bouncing back post pregnancy. 
   As far as the tummy sleeve is concerned, it was a comfort thing to me. I'm not sure if these actually offer benefits  that are massive, but comfort while pregnant is key. They certainly made my belly feel more wrapped and supported in a comfortable and snuggled sort of way if that makes sense. I loved them and suggest them highly as well. 

10) Morning Sickness Snack Pack
   You need a nightstand beside you with a pre-packed and prepared snack tray. Things that appeal to your cravings most importantly and settle in your stomach when morning sickness hits. 
   When you roll over in the morning I was always told that if you are feeling morning sickness try to avoid lifting your head, grab a few bites (crackers and things of that sort are most settling), and a sip of something before sitting up. Generally this eases the nausea. The pre-packed snack box beside your bed is just an excellent, convenient, life saver for the many moments of morning sickness that we experience and anything to ease that is wonderful. If you are not expecting, but wanting to customize this idea to someone that is expecting then try and gift an organizational/fun tray of some sort with an assortment you may know they like as an easy encouraging option for them to start a morning sickness cheat tray. :) 

11) A Pregnancy Journal
   You can find these anywhere or you can just grab a generic journal and make it your own with DIY touches which I love. You will just find there are so many things to keep up with, so many questions and thoughts that are experienced, and just an endless amount of special moments and feelings that you will want to note so trust me these journals are so worth it and just priceless in the end for you and your little one to look at in the future.  
   After I got married my mom gave me the pregnancy journal she kept while pregnant with me and this was a very special keepsake with all of her thoughts and feelings. These are priceless for you and your little one. 

12) Mommy Gift Basket 
   Preparing gift baskets for an expectant mommy with thoughtful and encouraging little gifts are wonderful! It was done for me and I will do it for my sisters without a doubt! 
   A favorite, funny gift I received was a mood calendar. I could flip to my current mood no matter if it was "don't mess with me" or an "all is right in the world" type of day! :) I loved this gift and it stayed by my bed every day for my entire pregnancy (and after haha). My husband said this gift was a favorite gift for him as well because he could be pre-warned of where my emotions stood at that time and respond appropriately! :D 
   Add things to the expectant mommy gift basket like: 
* Lolly pops and teas for nausea and various other symptom relieving natural options for things experienced during pregnancy. 
* Place some belly butter in the basket 
* Maybe a frame or booklet for ultrasound pictures to be displayed. 
* A book about the pregnancy experience for reading and preparation and a book they love to just cuddle up with for fun
* A voucher for a pregnancy pampering day
These are just some ideas to name for examples and to inspire. Just go according to the person as you know their likes and dislikes best and just customize this to them, but no matter the content this will be so appreciated! 

13) Hanging Diaper Organizer 
   This is wonderful!! I love these no matter if you use cloth or store bought diapers. My mom gave me one of these and they are an excellent storage and organizational piece!   
Link for one offered at Target is below:

15) Gift for Daddy
   I know this doesn't keep with my theme for Mommy's, but my mom made a Daddy Diaper Bag for my shower. It included my husband and was really sweet because they are expecting and excited too! You see them called "Daddy Doody Bags" (instead of Daddy Duty Bag) and cute names like that. :) Just customize it according to the sex of the baby and the personality of the Daddy. My husband loves back packs and she packed a back pack with little boy items and neat finds like pacifiers that snap shut if they fall so the pacifier nipple stays clean, some blankets and burp clothes, an outfit or two, and some cute little toys, etc. Just a really neat idea and a good way to include the entire new expectant couple! :) 
Below is one cute list idea I saw that includes some other funny options for humor as well! :) 

15) Handmade / Personalized Burp Clothes
   My mom made some precious personalized burp clothes for my little guy when he was born. She crocheted edges on prefold cloth diapers in little boy colors and also put ribbons on the edges of some with her sewing machine as well! All precious details and I, my son, and everyone that sees them loves them! All of our friends get a set per their request when they find out they are expecting! :) 

16) Handmade Hooded Baby Towel 
   Another awesome piece that my mom made for me! She took a towel and a hand towel cut in half and made a hooded towel. She lined the sewn edge with a patterned ribbon for my little guy and again this is another one of those things everyone asks for and she gifts for each new arrival! :D 

17) DIY Nursing Tank Tops
   Love this link and it's DIY projects! Also, if you are not able to make these you can stop in at Motherhood Maternity or various other places and they sell the click open and close tank tops too, but this is an awesome alternative!! Love it!!!

Link below:

   I hope you love this list as much as I do!!! Congratulations if you are reading this because you or a loved one is expecting!!!!! :)

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