Saturday, June 21, 2014

Complete Surrender - I Surrender All

   This is more of a reflective and light bulb type of moment for me than my normals posts on my blog about crafts, my sweet little boy, and my family moments. This is a growing moment for me spiritually. 
   My family, like every family, has various situations that we struggle with from time to time, but lately there has been an echoing phrase that keeps coming to us in so many ways and I needed to share... "The strongest position you can be in is complete surrender"
   This past Thursday a complete stranger by all aspects, but yet an instantly dear and precious support team said this to me and I noted it immediately as it is so true. 
   As I shared this talk with my parents my mom had tears well up in her eyes because just the day prior a sweet aquantance, but someone she really just came to know said the same to her, but related to a different current trial. 
   Over the last week my family and I have been brought into the path of strangers, friends, and family members saying this phrase to us word for word and some with different wording, but identical meaning...
   I was told "The strongest position you can be in is complete surrender" sounds like an oxymoron and they knew this, but it truly is the strongest place to be in your life because then God is in total control and he is guiding you. He is completely guiding you on a path that is of his intent. 
   I'm thankful for this truth, thankful for my wonderful family who are my dearest friends and supporters and I am thankful for the complete strangers as well that God puts in our paths as wonderful new friends and loud/clear constant reminders to us all that this place we are in right now is again as follows... "The strongest position you can be in is complete surrender".
   Where I am at now may be a turning point in my profession, but it is definitely a turning point in my faith and hopefully my ability to remember that God is in control ALWAYS. When we feel we have lost our handle on the wheel and are swirling out of control He IS steering us more accurately towards His plan for us than ever before. 
   I just wanted to share how these words keep coming up and from people totally unrelated to each other as clear reminders from God of how we should be viewing our trials and that we need to not be upsetting ourselves due to the lack of control, but instead excited to know God has control always and that is far better than our ability to handle any and all situations anyway. So in these moments of fear instead have faith and remember "This is the strongest place you can be in", pray, be at peace, and walk in the way He is leading you. 
   Though I know it seems silly because it is a prayer said for my audience without any of you actually being a part at the time I say it I still need to and just know when you read it I did pray this for my family and all of you. God Bless. Lots of Love From Mia :)

Dear Lord,
   I prayer you be with each and every one of us experiencing trials and moments of total confusion as to where our path is taking us next. I pray you allow us all to have the strength and peace to know that "The strongest position we can be in is complete surrender". Please give us the ability to walk as you are leading us and to know the steps you want us to take so that we are fully living Your plan for us and not our own. Please forgive our constant need to take control and help us let go so that we may rise to new levels of faith and success in our relationships with You. Bless and protect us all dear Lord and please put peace in our hearts as we go through these times of total blindness as to where we will end up. May we all know and realize though that this is exactly where we want to be and continue to be to reach our full potential for God and as examples and caretakers for our loved ones. Thank You for your many blessings and constant patience! 

"The strongest position you can be in is complete surrender"

   Thanks so much for reading this and being a part of my blog, but most importantly for taking this message to others as I hope it impacts and uplifts you all as it has me and my family. 

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