Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Upcycling! Pallet Projects at Their Finest!!!

   I am loving the wonderful reuse of items we find around us!! Beautiful projects created from up cycled things giving new life to old pieces or remaking something into a totally different use by the end. 
   We are reusing, recycling, up cycling, saving money, and making our spaces our own!! Just love it!!!
   This time I'm totally focusing on pallet up cycling. I have project finds and some of my own that are money saving and just lovely additions to your home or anywhere really. I hope you enjoy this compilation of creativity!!! 

~~ Pallet Trunk ~~ 
   A pallet trunk! Love it! There are a million different ways you could alter this idea too! Colors and stains can very, design and hinges to finish it off can be personalized, you could even go shabby chic and paint some of the boards in various colors and then sand to have that aged and beautifully colored finish!! I really want to work on this concept with a full lid and hinged on the back. Trunks are one of those things that you love to have in your house, but often the price tag can keep them from finding their way out of the shop! Use pallets to make a trunk and wow no expense and beautiful! Love the ideas! Love the finished product!

~~ Shelving for the home ~~ 

   This blog is actually showing crates for shelving through out the home and crates are so versatile and awesome really! I say though take this project one step further and if you want to then make a crate out of a pallet you have on hand!

~~ Pallet Trays ~~
   Wish I knew where this idea originally linked to, but I cannot find so I have just included on here and I love it!!! What a super idea with nails and handles being the only purchases involved! :) 

~~ Pallet Bench Ideas ~~ 

   This one incorporates the sanded paint on boards and I really love that look! Beautiful piece!

~~ Pallet Art ~~ 

   This has unlimited possibilities. I love this one specifically, but think you could do cute fishing sayings, family quotes you love, your family Bible verse, or that quote "You Are My Sunshine" which I love so much in baby rooms and used for those types if decor! ;) Love this!

~~ Pallet Bed Frame ~~ 

   This is my king size bed remade with pallets and upholstered head board for less than $90! I was so excited at the money saved and the finished project for our home! Again possibilities are endless and you can chose colors for upholstery that match your preference. I chose neutrals and a pattern I just loved from Hobby Lobby (while using my 40 % off coupon) and then I went back and added throw pillows with pops of the accent colors we wanted. We added ocean blues and greens with the colors on the below pictures as our base :)

~~ Pallet Outdoor Bench ~~ 
   I love this idea for a front porch or garden space! You could take it indoors too! Love the design though :D

~~ Pallet Towel Holder ~~ 

   The link included below this project idea actually links to about thirty other projects ideas! So this link has a lot to offer and so many great ideas!!

~~ Pallet Wine Rack ~~ 

   Really neat looking piece. Very clean lines and I love it!!/1161493/diy-15-wine-rack

~~ Pallet Wine Rack # 2 ~~

   Here is another approach to a wine rack that I also love. Cannot find a link on this one, but it's pretty self explanatory. Ask if questions, but this is a great looking DIY wine rack with pallets as well! 

   These are some favorite pallet project of mine! Hope you all enjoy them too! 

~~ Mia ~~ 

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